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Jaguar Repairs Services

Jagtech have considerable experience in repairing all modern Jaguar models.

We offer a range of repair services - anything from a minor repair to a full engine rebuild.

Jagtech are able to offer new genuine Jaguar parts as well as, where appropriate, used or reconditioned parts. This is always done after consultation with the customer and with respect to his/her requirements.

Even with the extensive use of diagnostic equipment needed for modern day motor vehicles, the expertise of the technician is still vitally important. If fault codes are showing up on a vehicle they are often not as specific as you may imagine. The experience of the technician, well versed in the quirks and set up of your vehicle, is needed to get it fixed successfully. We deal with many vehicles that are referred by other garages; the most reputable of these know how much they can do without calling in the experts and we will deal with the vehicle on their behalf; however some will try to sort the problem themselves, only to find the vehicle ends up back with us to sort out. This is always a shame for the customer who will more than likely find themselves with a bill much higher than what it should be. Don't mess about with your Jaguar – bring it to the people who know what they are doing!

With our philosophy of treating the cars as if they were our own; we take great pride and care with what we do. We are here to offer our knowledge to repair your car and ultimately save you money.

We believe we are unrivalled in our expertise and the service we give.

Jagtech, with our factory engineers and parts supply is in a unique position to ensure the highest possible quality of repair.

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