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Jaguar Maintenance Services

Where better to have your Jagtech meticulously serviced than Jagtech?

Over the years we have accumulated millions of man hours of experience with the wide range of Jaguar models. Customers bring their cars from all over the North East region to be serviced at Jagtech.

We also attend to the details that other maintenance operations often ignore. We pride ourselves on the personal touch. Each client is treated from start to finish by the technician that carries out the work on the vehicle.

Servicing is carried out to a very high standard and conforms to the Jaguar service schedule. Each service also includes removal of all wheels so that the brakes can be thoroughly inspected. Wheels can be prone to seizing which can prove extremely problematic in the event of a puncture. Removal of wheels during our servicing involves copper slipping all contact surfaces thus ensuring wheel seize is greatly reduced.

Regular servicing of your vehicle prolongs it's life; even low mileage vehicles benefit from the attentions of an annual service. Whatever service is due on your vehicle you will have the satisfaction of knowing your vehicle has been fully checked over and any problems have been reported.

We adopt the attitude of looking after your vehicle as if it were our own; we firmly believe that if we do this and save you money you will not want to go anywhere else for your Jaguar service and maintenance!

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