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Frequently Asked Questions

What servicing does Jagtech offer?

All servicing offered! Jagtech follow Jaguar recommended service intervals for each particular model. All services are menu priced (i.e. fixed pricing policy). Genuine jaguar parts are used. Servicing includes a full safety check and inspection – all wheels are removed for proper/correct inspection of brake pads and sliders. This is a practice not carried out by any of our competitors or included in the Jaguar service schedule.Wheels that are not removed annually are extremely likely to become bonded making a wheel change in the event of a puncture extremely difficult.

Will the work Jagtech carries out on my car invalidate my warranty?

No absolutely not; block exemption rules have applied since 2003 which gives customers a choice. Jagtech exceeds the guidelines as described in the ruling. For further information try There is also a page on the "Autosafe" website:

Can Jagtech work on my brand new Jaguar?

Yes. We can service all vehicles. Should the fault on the vehicle be warranty related, Paul & Jeff will advise on the appropriate action.

Can Jagtech MOT my vehicle?

Yes Jagtech can MOT your vehicle. They will also send out reminders when due.

Does Jagtech work on vintage Jaguars?

No - Jagtech offers a highly competitive service for all other Jaguars. Vintage models require parts that are not 'main stream' etc and Jeff & Paul unfortunately do not have the time/resources to make this a cost effective service.

Can Jagtech fit aftermarket products on my Jaguar?

Yes. From parking aids, satellite navigation systems, DVD's/CD's etc.

Do you deal with breakdowns?

Yes. If any of our clients have a breakdown we can arrange recovery of the vehicle to our premises. This is a chargeable service.

What about air conditioning services?

All air conditioning services are catered for. Diagnosing problems, re-gassing etc. can all be dealt with.

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